About us

Danny-ProfileMatalon Tires is a major garage in the city of Petah-Tikva. This professional shop handles the repair, change and fixture of motor vehicle tires, rims and tire air pressure sensors (TPMS). We support all types of tires and sensors, excluding commercial vehicles such as heavy lorries. We provide our services in a number of languages including English, Arabic and Hebrew.

This extensive garage services the private sector, companies, and lease cars for almost every major car fleet operating in Israel. The garage is located in a big compound in the center of Jabotinsky Street, with a staff of ten experienced workers, allowing for a large number of customers to be serviced at once.

Matalon Tires is the place for everything tire related!

  • Tire change & puncture fix
  • About 2000 tires from every tire manufacture, fitting most car models
  • A huge supply of second hand tires and rims
  • Alloys and iron rims repair and restore
  • Front and back axel adjustment
  • Extracting and road assistance
  • Fast and professional service
  • Waiting area with coffee, tea and water cooler

Matalon Tires is managed by Mr. Levi Daniel.


Founder, owner and CEO!

“I’ve lived and breathed tires for more than 30 years. I started as a garage floor worker and advanced through a variety of offices and professions in the field. Among those, I have managed a company that repaired, corrected and vulcanized tires. I was a technical administrator for a company importing and installing heavy duty machinery for tire shops. Additionally I directed and managed an expert tire shop for all types of motor vehicle, from small motorcycles to large lorries. Therefore, I have been exposed to a variety of tools and different types of tires in the course of my career. This fact makes me a true professional of my field and I’m directing Matalon Tires to the highest level of professionality and service.”

Daniel’s career, alongside his long time experience in the field of tires, has earned him the loyalty and respect of senior executive personnel from major private and public companies.

Other tire shops and auto repair shops from all over the country choose to work alongside Matalon Tires, simply because of the high variety of tires and Daniel’s professional reputation. The thorough inspection of every tire by Daniel and his crew delivers reassurance that your car is safe to drive. Everyone working with Matalon Tires knows that.

The Israeli Department of Motor Vehicles has chosen Daniel to be an official director and tester of tire mechanics wishing to earn their official tire-mechanic license.

Matalon Tires is driven to be the most professional and reliable tire garage it can be. Our crew is handpicked by Daniel himself. Only those whom have reached the high standards Daniel requests shall serve our clients. Moreover, every worker follows the regulations and laws demanded by the Israeli DMV. Daniel and the crew are constantly perfecting their craft by continued studying and earning new diplomas and experience.

We wish to make your stay in the shop short, as well as pleasant, so you could be back on your way as safe and as quick as possible.

For any question please dial: 03-9222053

Address: 65 Jabotinsky St. Petah-Tikva

Send us an Email: Matalon65@gmail.com

 Opening hours:

Sunday to Thursday 8am-5pm

Friday 8am-1pm

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